Thai Green Prawn Curry

Simply, quick prawn curry which I started making after travels in Thailand; it does use a curry paste, but a very high quality imported thai one is best.


Start by preparing the prawns; make sure they are peeled (leave the very end of the skin and the tail on to make them look more attractive) and the digestive tract has been removed. Mix the marinade ingredients together, garlic ginger and lime leaves chopped finely, leave to rest for twenty minutes as you make the curry.

Fry the coriander seeds; firstly add the finely chopped lemongrass stalks, then garlic, chili, and lime leaves (all finely chopped). Remove the leaves from the coriander stalks, and add them (finely chopped) to the pan. Then add the spring onions (finely sliced). Let this cook for a few minutes, then add the curry paste, again fry for a few minutes then add the coconut milk. Allow this all to simmer for at least five minutes.

Add the prawns and the marinade to the curry, add a handful of coriander leaves. Cook for no more than ten minutes. Serve with either sticky rice or jasmine rice, with a handful of coriander leaves over the top as a garnish.

You can add vegetables to the curry to either bulk it out or as a substitute for the prawns; bamboo stalks, baby corn and beans are all brilliant in the curry; broccoli works great as a side vegetable.

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