French Onion Soup

A classic mouth-watering soup for those cold winter nights


Skin and slice the onions, melt the margarine and fry onions over a low heat till golden brown. Add stock, bayleaf, seasoning, cover and simmer for 30 mins. Grate Emmental and mix with Parmesan. Toast bread both sides. Take out bayleaf and pour the soup into bowles, add toast and sprinkle cheese on the toast and either put the bowl and soup into a hot oven (400 degrees F. or Gas Mark 6) for 10 mins till cheese melts or put in microwave for 11/2 mins. Serve at once.


Salt And Pepper To Taste
Bayleaf 1
Beef Stock 2 pints
Emmental Cheese ¼ lb
French Bread 4 slices
Margarine 3 oz
Onions ¾ lb
Parmesan 2 tbl.sp.

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Can substitute Vegetable stock for Beef and tastes just as well. Also for a richer flavour used Butter instead of Marg.
Hi Christophe - sounds like a good plan, also making it suitable for vegaterians. I'll give it a try - thanks.
Sounds great! But i d rather go for butter instead of margarines.
Butter ' s best :-) and i would serve it with nice cheesy garlic bread... Damn i am getting hungry :-p
Hi Lezzz - yes definately the butter would be better, but then perehaps not as healthy. I like the idea of the cheesy garlic bread - definately going to try that - what about gently toasting it? - Regards Kenny
Hi Kenny,
Not as healthy , but is the margarine healthy ? i think butter is more natural then margarine which contains additives.
Of course , toasting the cheesy garlic bread is the way to heaven if i can tell ;-)
Have a nice lunch! ;-)
Best FOS yet discovered! I toasted the garlic bread, sprinkled with cheese, dropped into soup and stuck all back under the grill. Wonderful! Garlic has same antiviral properties as onions. So got to be good.
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