Christmas Pudding

What can I say about this? It is delicious. I have perfected this over 40 years. I think I have it just about right now.


Wash and dry all fruit and peel.
Cream fat and sugar well.
Sift together flour, mixed spice and nutmeg and add bread crumbs.
Add altenatively to the creamed fat, the flour and crumb mixture and a little at a time of the beaten eggs.
Then add dried fruit, a little at a time.
Add milk and brandy a spoonful at a time, stirring slowly. Add rest of the indregients and stir.
Line bottom of a greased pudding bowl.
Spoon mixture into bowl.
Cover with greaseproof paper and tie tightly with string. Put in a saucepan of boiling water and boil slowly for 5 to 6 hours, adding water to the saucepan only when needed.
On Christmas day, warm throough thoroughly in a saucepan of boiling water.


Apricot Jam 1 tablesp
Golden Syrup 1 tablesp
Brandy 6 tablsp
Milk 9 tablesp
Fat (margarine) 6 oz
Brown Sugar 4 oz
Nutmeg 1 teasp
Mixed Spice 1 tablesp
Mixed Peel 2 oz
Raisins 6 oz
Sultanas 8 oz
Currants 8 oz
Eggs Slightly Beaten 4
Light Bread Crumbs 5 oz
Self Raising Flour 5 oz
Orange (rind And Juice) 1

Hints 'n' Tips

If you are adding 5p pieces, boil them first for 5 minutes, dry them and rub them in a little flour before adding to the mixture.

The pudding can be kept for weeks before Christmas.


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Lettiie used to ask Emily to make this for us and we had 10p pieces as treasure in the middle to find
Ok so Dave is making me have all his family over for Xmas lunch this year.....Oh Boy! Now his mum is a really good cook and I am so freaked out by having to cook for the 12 of them (Dave's sister and her family too and she is pretty handy in the kitchen too) So I am preparing the menu now..... I know how manic is that?.... but I just can't leave it to chance. So I gave this recipe a try as it looked fab...... well it certainly did not disappoint... It was quite fantastic.... Ok so I am using this Christmas Pudding recipe on Christmas Day.... and I hope it blows the old girls socks of..... LOL!
The lady who used to make this is now 91 years old and she will be tickled pink when i tell her your comments - good luck with your Xmas dinner xx
Hey Carol, thanx, that is really sweet - I'll tell my family about the lady that invented this recipe. BTW, being a menue expert and all, can you suggest a good starter for Xmas day to impress the crew. I have had a good look through the site and have some ideas but looking for something impressive....BUT easy. Regards Chloe
I usually serve Warm mushroom salad to keep it light before the big feast or salmon and egg souffle - both are in my starters check it out let me know if you need more suggestions
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