New York Chocolate Chip Cookies

A great recipe from a New York department store that grossly overcharged for the recipe, so the disgruntled customer sent it to all her friends and now I pass it onto you!


1. Cream butter and sugar and mix

2. Add the eggs and essence

3. Then add dry ingredients and chocolate chips.

2. Mix together.

3. Roll into balls (large marbles) and put on a greaseproof lined tray.

4. Cook for 10 mins at oven 375 F.

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40 oz - is this right?
I assume this must be 4 oz
Definately must be 4oz - cos that's what I used when I made these unbelievable cookies -
which are everything a good cookie should be crispy on the outside and soft and mouthwatering on the inside. Watch out though cos if you leave them in the oven for a second too long they go hard so make sure you keep an eye on them
you are all right and i have changed it in the recipe - thanks
really morish, thanks
great recipie, I made them too big and so they were sticky in the middle, absolutely heaven.
Thanks for that - i like it best when you slightly undercook it so it is a bit gooey!
i found 10oz in total of sugar was too much
What did you do - and did it work?
it asks for 5oz sugar twice, is this right or should it be just the once?
it doesnt say when to add the egg, we just did it before the dry ingredients - seems to work
There are 2 lots of sugar - brown and caster sugar
i found that 10oz of sugar was too much sweetness. also excuse my ignorance but what is cream the butter?
When you cream the butter & sugar, do you cream both the caster and brown sugar at this stage ? Also, what type of brown sugar is best?
Yes i "Cream" or beat together the butter with both the sugars - i like the quantity provide in the recipe which is probably cos i have a real sweet tooth and i sue any brown sugar - whatever is in the store - usually soft light brown sugar
nice and simple to follow! Grate for dislexia! lol. xx I asked daddy if i coulds make them and he said yes! definetly heaven on a plate, everything a 13 year old girl could ask for. Simply perfection. xx
Thanx - Just remember to undercook them if you like them really lovely and gooey
Met Carol at the Taste of London foodie fair in Regent's Park today - she is handing out these cookies and chatting to people. attending the exhibition - get on down there if you can it's well worth the trip. The cookies are fab and so is she - sooooo much energy!!!
Best cookies ever!
OMG! - OMG! Popped into Taste of London at in Regent's Park today and this lovely lady came up to me and gave me the most wonderful Chocolate Chip Cookie I have ever tasted - and I am the expert RIGHT! She told me I could share the recipe with her as it is on Mydish. So I rushed home and knocked up a batch and Oh Boy!!! sooo goood!!! Now all eaten of course. I think I'm in love with those cookies and ahat wonderful lady who introduced me to them.
Made these for the 1st time today,what can I say ?Fantastic!
this is truely an amazing recipe, guess what my son has in his lunch box tomorrow? will definitely be making these again. thank you
Absolutely delicious. I used chocolate chunks as I had run out of chocolate chips. I will definately be making these again and again!
The best cookies ever!!!!!!!!!! Perfect every time!
what can I say?.....YUMMMMM!
Just made these with chopped up chunks of white chocolate. They are just like the big flat cookies you buy in bags at the supermarket. They are a bit special! Might put some orange zest in the next batch.
I think the basic cookie goes well with all kinds of extras - please let me know whether the orange variations work.
Just made these with white choc chunks and orange zest...amazing. Next batch will be orange zest, sultana and I think some cornflakes just for a bit of texture.
Hi Eliza Jane..sounds great why dont you take a piccie and put the variations up as yours - would love to see the different versions we can try
I made these and put unsalted butter in - but added about 3 tablespoons of oats made it really yummy (even after i cooked them)
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