Traditional Irish Honeycomb


Prepare your tin/dish by lining with lightly oiled baking parchment.

Heat the sugar, golden syrup, water and vinegar until it starts to turn amber and reaches 150C/the hard crack stage (explanation above).

Add the bicarb and stir thoroughly, then pour into your lined tin. Leave to cool to room temperature.

If you want it to be cut into ordered shapes, cut with an oiled knife when it’s nearly it room temperature. I like it to look a little rough and tumble so cut it when it’s cool.

Store in an air tight container or gift to friends in small transparent bags or jars. It is delicious covered in chocolate or with chocolate mousse.

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Bicarb Of Soda 2 heaped tsp
White Wine Vinegar 1tbsp
Water 100ml
Golden Syrup 200g
Caster Sugar 300g

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