Tipsy Topsy Tea Brack

I dedicate this recipe to my beautiful little dog, Toby, who I often call "Tipsy Topsy Toby" and he's always looking for a little taste my cakes!


**Method for Day 01 **
a) Soak the cherries and sultanas in the tea, whiskey, brandy, maple syrup.

b) Spoon over the brown sugar and mix really well.

c) Cover the soaking fruit overnight with a clingfilm or glass top over bowl.
**Method for Day 02 **

0. Electric Mixer handy but not essential -Butter grease a one pound loaf tin - PREHEAT OVEN TO 160OC.

1. Sieve the muscavado sugar in a large mixing bowl.

2. Melt butter in microwave and add vanilla essence, brandy and stir and add to sugar and mix till sugar is melted through.

3. Fold in half of the dry ingredients until you have a nice creamy smooth mixture.

4. Crack two eggs into the mix and mix well.

5. Continue to fold in the remainder of the dry ingredients.

6. Now spoon in the fruit, making sure that they have either absorbed all the liquid and if not, drain it through a sieve.

7. Mix it gently but well.

8. Spoon mix into prepared butter greased pound loaf tin

9. Set onto middle shelf of oven and leave there for 1hr 30 minutes and then place greaseproof paper over top.

10. Perform the skewer test.

11. If it's undone at this stage, then leave it in the oven for another 30 minutes!

12. When the cake is done and passes the skewer test, place a wire tray over it and tip the cake upside down!

13. Drizzle a bottle capful of brandy over the cake and leave to cool!

14. Remember this is a tipsy topsy cake, it's a little drunk and it fell over, so don't try to put it on the crunchy side!

15. Slice it up and enjoy with spreadable butter or leave it plain!


** Original recipe by L Shannon, The Candlebridge Bakery & Soup Kitchen, Ireland - January 2010 Collection.


** Ingredients for Day 001 **

Sultanas 1 Pack
Whole Glace French Cherries 1 Small Tub
Brown Sugar 2 Tablespoons
Hennessy Or Martell VS Brandy 2 Tablespoons
Canadian Maple Syrup 5 Tablespoons
Jameson Irish Whiskey 100mls
Freshly Made Strong Brewed Tea 200mls

** Ingredients for Day 002 **

Natural Vanilla Essence 1 Tablespoon
All Spice 1 Tablespoon
Light Muscavado Sugar 4oz
Self Raising Flour 8oz
Hennessy Or Martell VS Brandy 2 Tablespoons
Large Farmhouse Eggs 2
Butter Melted 3oz

Hints 'n' Tips

** My Star Tips **

1. Always sieve the muscavado sugar first before adding any oils or melted butter because the result is perfect. You get a creamy smooth sauce and the cake has a lovely light moist feel to it..

2. Not everybody has muscavado sugar, so use brown sugar or castor sugar as an alternative.


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This particular cake although lovely on the day of baking, is even nicer the next day and if it lasts another day, it's even nicer!! Lovely to enjoy with a cup of tea and place a slice or two in your lunch box... It's a lovely recipe!
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