Valentine Day Breakfast

These American style pancakes are great for breakfast in bed...


First separate the eggs, whites in one bowl, yolks in another. Add flour, baking powder and milk to the yolks and mix to a smooth batter.

Whisk the whites with the salt to form stiff peaks. Fold into the batter.

Next, heat a good non-stick pan on a medium heat. Pour in some of your batter (I make smallish ones)into the pan for a couple of mins until its golden brown,
and firm. At this point add your chosen filling (if using) to the uncooked side before loosening the pancake and flipping it over.

Continue to cook until golden brown, you can make these pancakes any size you like, I have even tried using heart cookie moulds but you do have to lightly oil the side so they don't stick!

Serve with creme fraiche, butter, maple syrup or whatever you fancy...


Baking Powder 1 heaped teaspoon
Plain Flour 4oz
Large Eggs 3
Milk 140ml
Of Salt a pinch

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Sounds Yummy ...will give it a go Thanks
Thanks for the recipie it was a real hit with me and my mum she even had second helpings lol :D.Thanks agaain

I haven't made this yet but a website of this class deserves the recipe author at least using a spell checker to get rid of the silly spelling errors. How can one trust an author who cannot be bothered doing something as simple as that?
I think I have to agree with Daydreamer. If you are going to post a recipe, you really should check your spelling. If there are loads of spelling mistakes there may well be errors in the ingredient quantities. Personally, I wouldn't use a recipe that had so many silly errors for this reason.
Sorry girls the spelling has now been corrected - I was just in a big hurry when I uploaded my recipe. Thanks for pointing out the error of my ways - I also hate poor spelling - all the best and happy cooking - Hi Fi
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