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Chicken Recipes

Chicken is a lean and healthy meat with a light flavour that lends itself well to so many chicken recipes. There are so many ideas for your home-cooked chicken that can liven up your recipes ideas whilst still providing a nutritious and economical family meal.

Different cuts of the chicken suit individual recipe ideas, whether it be chicken breast recipes or chicken drumstick recipes. Chicken thigh recipes make a tender choice when cooked in chicken curries and stews and whole chicken recipes are perfect for your Sunday roasts.Try out home-made chicken kievs or parmesan chicken which taste great with salad or some creamy mash for some comfort food. Easy chicken recipes can be made in minutes with simple chicken stir-frys and salad being a fantastic summer alternative.

For an Asian twist try out our chicken and sweetcorn soup or roast chicken for your family dinners. For a tasty alternative feast on pesto and mozerella stuffed chicken.

Most Popular chicken recipes


Chicken Korma image

Chicken Korma

By CurryMaster

4 star image


Chicken Nugget image

Chicken Nugget

By elziebob

4 star image


chicken pasta image

chicken pasta

By Emmaaa

4 star image

barbeque chicken image

barbeque chicken

4 star image

By charliem

These sticky chicken wings may take a while to prepare, but they are definitely worth it and will always go down a treat with the kids.

Boursin Chicken image

Boursin Chicken

5 star image

By alex.moreton

An unusual chicken dish using chicken breasts, Boursin cheese and asparagus to give a creamy peppery flavour.

Butter Chicken image

Butter Chicken

3 star image

By sujata

butter chicken curry image

butter chicken curry

3 star image

By Oliverrs

This curry is not to spicy, but not to plain, so is guarenteed to go down a treat with even the most difficult of guests!

cajun chicken image

cajun chicken

2 star image

By Leenie

Cajun chicken is quick and easy to make, but is also very healthy, making it perfect for an after school dinner for the kids.

Cheesy Chicken image

Cheesy Chicken

5 star image

By LowLow

A quick and easy supper using leftover chicken and tortilla wraps.

Chicken and Leek image

Chicken and Leek

4 star image

By Fayezee

Chicken and leek pie is a very warming dish for cold winter nights.

chicken and mushroom image

chicken and mushroom

4 star image


This classic chicken and mushroom hotpot fits right in to a cold winter's evening to warm the whole family up, but is still a great dish at any time of year.

Chicken and mushroom pie image

Chicken and mushroom pie

4 star image

By Liliana

Surprisingly quick to make, this chicken and mushroom pie is perfect on a cold winter's evening when you're trying to warm yourself up.

Chicken Bake image

Chicken Bake

4 star image

By Annakm

Full to the brim with bright colours and exotic Spanish flavours, this dish works particularly well in spanish themed dinner parties, but will be a success in almost any situation.

Chicken baked with fruit image

Chicken baked with fruit

4 star image

By needle283

This is an easy baked chicken dish with a difference- the mix of apricots with french onion soup makes a really tasty gravy

chicken biryani image

chicken biryani

4 star image

By Nicola Bell

This classic Indian dish is easy to cook, and is guarenteed to go down a treat on any occasion.

Chicken breast recipe image

Chicken breast recipe

0 star image

By peachdigi

Chicken Broccoli Bake image

Chicken Broccoli Bake

4 star image

By LinziW

Exceptionally healthy and quite easy to make, this dish is perfect for dinner with the kids, and never disappoints friends and family!

chicken burger image

chicken burger

4 star image

By Susan R

This dish is perfect as a healthy alternative to the classic fast food burger, and works very well as a healthy treat for the kids.

Chicken Cacciatore image

Chicken Cacciatore

0 star image

By Philip Dobson

Chicken Casserole image

Chicken Casserole

4 star image

By astalker

This recipie is perfect for adding a little flavour to an otherwise simple chicken meal, and is guarenteed to warm up the stomachs of the family on a mid-winter's night.

Chicken Chow Mein image

Chicken Chow Mein

4 star image

By Susan R

Chicken drumsticks image

Chicken drumsticks

3 star image

By Jo Pratt

Chicken Enchiladas image

Chicken Enchiladas

4 star image

By Jimmski

A prefect treat for the kids, this unique Mexican enchillada recipie is healthy and easy, and will always be received well.

Chicken Fajitas image

Chicken Fajitas

4 star image

By ruth.ryland

Very simple and very quick to make, the basic chicken fajita recipie can be varied to include various different meats and vegetables. Perfect for a Mexican themed night.

Chicken in White Wine image

Chicken in White Wine

4 star image

By Keri

Chicken breasts cooked in garlic and white wine add a certain piquancy that is hard to beat. Add a sauce using double cream and you have a delicious and different chicken dish.

Chicken Jalfrezi image

Chicken Jalfrezi

4 star image

By daviemuir

This chicken jalfrezi recipie is the perfect way to add some spice to an otherwise very plain and bland diet. If you're looking to sample some classic Asain cuisine, this is the place to start.

chicken kebab image

chicken kebab

4 star image

By carol savage

Chicken kebab recipies always go down a treat at barbeques, but this Thai style twist on the classic chicken dish means that they'll all be gone before you can say "Satay"!

chicken kiev image

chicken kiev

4 star image

By loveforfood

chicken lasagna image

chicken lasagna

3 star image

By brooky

This delicious twist on the classic Italian dish is quite a lot of hard work, but it's one of a kind taste certainly makes it worth it.

Chicken Liver Pate image

Chicken Liver Pate

4 star image

By lizziep

This classic chicken pate dish is appropriate at almost any time, from starters at the most formal dinner party to a mid-morning snack.

Chicken Liver Risotto image

Chicken Liver Risotto

3 star image

By Russ

An unusual risotto, using chicken livers instead of chicken pieces which adds to the flavour and the colour on the plate, making this dish look as good as it tastes.

Chicken Marengo image

Chicken Marengo

4 star image

By the have-a-go cook

Chicken Noodle Soup image

Chicken Noodle Soup

0 star image

By june

This chicken noodle soup recipe is more of a meal than a soup. With the minced chicken and the noodles, it is a meal in a bowl, and it only takes 30 minutes to make.

chicken paella image

chicken paella

3 star image

By timbo2471

Whether you're not a fan of seafood, but enjoy other spanish food, or you're just trying to spice up your day to day diet, this dish will always go down a treat.

Chicken Paprikash image

Chicken Paprikash

4 star image

By Andrea Benkovics

This traditional Hungarian dish is perfect if you're looking to add a little bit of variation to the dinner menue.

chicken pasta bake image

chicken pasta bake

3 star image

By Users Recipes

Using leftover chicken and vegetables makes this a cheap and easy dish to prepare

Chicken Pesto Pasta image

Chicken Pesto Pasta

4 star image

By Mustard Communications

The addition of pine nuts to this chicken salad makes it very tasty and nutty

chicken pie image

chicken pie

4 star image

By Oliverrs

This recipe is a great way to use up left over chicken from roast dinners, is perfect as a quick lunch or even a snack, and will easily impress guests at a dinner party.

Chicken Provencal image

Chicken Provencal

0 star image


Provencal chicken makes one think of the South of France,sun sea and sand, and this dish is a typical Provencal dish with all the vegetables associated with this region of France.

chicken risotto image

chicken risotto

3 star image

By Shelley12

If you love Risotto, this is the dish for you with cooked chicken, mushrooms, garlic and white wine, topped with Parmesan cheese.

chicken salad image

chicken salad

4 star image

By John H Glen

Perfect for a light summer lunch, this Greek chicken salad is healthy, and does not comprimise when it comes to taste.

Chicken Soup image

Chicken Soup

4 star image

By gavstolls

Chicken Spaghetti Recipes image

Chicken Spaghetti Recipes

0 star image

By Yummy

The addition of garlic and olives makes this chicken spaghetti very tasty

chicken stir fry image

chicken stir fry

4 star image

By Jail Bird!

Chicken Tagliatelle image

Chicken Tagliatelle

3 star image

By Team MyDish

Use Tagliatelli pasta instead of spaghetti for a change and the parsley, lemon juice and creme fraiche add a special flavour to the sauce

Chicken Tarragon image

Chicken Tarragon

4 star image

By Dawn1

Put this meal in a slow cooker in the morning and you will have a delicious chicken dinner in the evening. The tarragon and cream give it an extra special flavour.

chicken tikka image

chicken tikka

4 star image

By Jail Bird!

Surprisingly quick to prepare and cook, this classic recipie is easy to make and is still very popular with almost all dinner guests.

chicken tikka masala image

chicken tikka masala

4 star image

By IndianChef

Classic Indian dishes like this one are a sure-fire way to spice up any dinner party, and not only is it well worth the time it takes to make, but the sauce can be saved and used again!

Chicken Wings image

Chicken Wings

0 star image

By Sandy Gilmartin

Chicken with fruit image

Chicken with fruit

3 star image

By Denise Phillips

This dish guarenteed to be a success with that special someone. It certainly puts love in the air!

Chicken wraps image

Chicken wraps

0 star image

By Lizzy112

chinese chicken recipes image

chinese chicken recipes

4 star image

By Gemma boland

This classic recipie for Chinese chicken skewers is not only very easy to prepare and cook, but can also be the perfect way to add a little variation to a traditional summer barbeque.

Coca Cola Chicken image

Coca Cola Chicken

4 star image

By Claire

Slimmers - here is a great meal for you. With Diet Coke and Tomato Ketchup you can turn out a great BBQ style chicken, which is really delicious to eat.

Coconut Chicken image

Coconut Chicken

3 star image

By Gauldon Romney

Coronation Chicken image

Coronation Chicken

3 star image

By mum

This dish is not only perfect as a quick, healthy dinner for the kids, but is also a favourite at any celebrations, family occassions or dinner parties!

Easy chicken curry image

Easy chicken curry

4 star image

By landyterry

Using chicken fillets and Indian spices, the chicken curry dish is quick and simple to make. Use extra chillies to make the dish hotter to taste.

Garlic chicken image

Garlic chicken

5 star image

By Geno Marbella

Pollo Al Aillo, or garlic chicken, is already a beautiful dish, but the slight changes in this recipie makes this classic dish even better.

grilled chicken image

grilled chicken

4 star image

By jamin

A lovely light grilled chicken with pasta for a summer lunch.

Honey glazed chicken image

Honey glazed chicken

4 star image

By Horgie

If you like sweet tastes with your chicken, then this is the recipe for you. Simple quick and easy to make, it is really tasty as well.

Italian Chicken image

Italian Chicken

4 star image


jerk chicken image

jerk chicken

2 star image

By Mustard Communications

This classic Caribbean recipie for jerk chicken is completely unique and is perfect for when you are trying to serve something a little different to guests.

Lemon Chicken image

Lemon Chicken

5 star image

By Denise Phillips

This lemon chicken recipie is perfect for an evening dinner with the family as it is easy to prepare, very tasty and very healthy.

Mango Chicken image

Mango Chicken

4 star image

By Sandydl

South Africans love to combine fruit with their meat and this recipe is a typical example. The mangoes and apricots go so well with the chicken and make a dish to be proud of.

Masala Chicken image

Masala Chicken

5 star image

By Anjali Pathak

moroccan chicken image

moroccan chicken

3 star image

By jisi

This classic Moroccan dish is great for anyone looking to add a little bit of spice to their day to day meals, and will always go down a treat on big family occasions.

Mustard Chicken image

Mustard Chicken

3 star image

By Fiona357

one pot chicken image

one pot chicken

5 star image

By SiobhanCole

This recipe only uses one casserole dish for a whole chicken and all the vegetables you require. It is a simple way to casserole chicken for a lovely warming dinner on a cold winter's night.

Orange Chicken image

Orange Chicken

4 star image

By Paula:)

This classic Chinese orangen chicken recipie will always go well at a dinner party, but also serves as a tasty mid week meal. It might take a while to prepare, but it is certainly worth it.

roast chicken image

roast chicken

4 star image

By steven beech

The small details in this recipie are what really make it a unique version of the classic sunday roast. Make sure you serve it with all the trimmings, like roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy.

Satay Chicken image

Satay Chicken

4 star image

By Thai Taste

Having a party? Try these delicious Chicken Satay Sticks which look lovely on the plate and taste even better. Quick and easy to make, your guests will love them.

Sesame Chicken image

Sesame Chicken

5 star image

By AmyL

This is ideal for working Mum's who want a nourishing but quick recipe that their children will love.

southern fried chicken image

southern fried chicken

0 star image

By Kitchen Kitty

This is a typical American dish of Southern Fried Chicken, very quick to make and delicious to eat. Goes well in a sandwich as well.

Spanish Chicken Recipes image

Spanish Chicken Recipes

4 star image

By Olives_From_Spain

Spanish chicken is different from Provencal chicken mainly because of the use of Spanish olives, Spanish olive oil and Spanish Onions and has a very distinctive flavour.

spicy chicken image

spicy chicken

3 star image

By marjan

The spices in this recipe, cummin, cinnamon and garlic. together with the use of dates, gives this chicken dish a really authentic European flavour and the use of aubergines makes the taste most unusual but delicious.

Sticky chicken image

Sticky chicken

3 star image

By karen507d

This exceptionally quick and easy recipie is perfect for a simple, healthy and tasty after school dinner for the kids.

stuffed chicken image

stuffed chicken

3 star image

By katie6tt

Perfect for entertaining friends, this recipie is very quick and easy to cook and prepare and is exceptionally tasty too!

sweet and sour chicken image

sweet and sour chicken

3 star image

By Yummy

Chinese chicken is a favourite dish with so many people and this recipe is tried and tested and really easy to make - no need to go to a restaurant for this one!

Sweet Chilli Chicken image

Sweet Chilli Chicken

4 star image

By ractro97

Tandoori Chicken image

Tandoori Chicken

4 star image

By sujata

Using this tandoori paste can really spice up a regular chicken meal, and is perfect for when you're looking for something interesting to serve guests.

Thai Chicken image

Thai Chicken

4 star image

By Phillipa

Different from Chinese chicken, the flavours of the varied Thai spices, together with the coriander leaves, makes this a meal to show off your skills to your friends