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Pasta Recipes

Cooking Pasta is quick, and it can be the base of many easy pasta recipes. You can use fresh pasat or dried pasta in most of the pasta dishes on Mydish.

Pasta comes in many different forms - spaghetti, tagliatelle, parpadelle, penne and conchiglie to name but a few - the italian names refer to the shape of the pasta pieces.

Easy pasta recipes, like Sausage Pasta, are great for those nights when you just need a quick meal with minimal fuss. We have literally hundreds of pasta recipes here on Mydish all with clear instructions on how to make pasta and prepare it for a cost effective meal that is healthy and nutricious.

For example, Spaghetti Carbonara and Spaghetti Bolognese are two of our most popular pasta dishes. Easy Italian pasta recipes like this Italian Meatball Pasta and Creamy Italian Chicken Pasta are also very popular as they are quite authentic Italian Pasta dishes.

Most Popular pasta Recipes


Beef Lasagne image

Beef Lasagne

By Peter Jones

4 star image


Tuna Lasagne image

Tuna Lasagne

By tom savage

3 star image


carbonara image


By Tamzin Wolfson

4 star image

Bacon Lasagne image

Bacon Lasagne

4 star image

By Users Recipes

Lasagne can be made with different meats or even vegetarian but this bacon variety is extremely tasty

Bacon pasta image

Bacon pasta

3 star image

By barbarac

An easy dish that involves frying the bacon and tossing it with cooked pasta and soup!

Bolognaise sauce image

Bolognaise sauce

3 star image

By Lisa Baptiste

This Bolognaise sauce is child's play and children have made it with ease

Bolognese bake image

Bolognese bake

0 star image

By sarahogan

Bolognese Bake is a version of spaghetti bolognese baked in the oven with a very creamy cheese sauce

cannelloni image


0 star image


Canelloni are tubes of pasta which are filled with a mince meat sauce and then baked

chicken lasagna image

chicken lasagna

3 star image

By brooky

This delicious twist on the classic Italian dish is quite a lot of hard work, but it's one of a kind taste certainly makes it worth it.

Chicken Noodles image

Chicken Noodles

5 star image

By maxy

Chicken noodles is a quick Chinese dish using cooked chicken breasts, bacon and prawns and cooked in a wok.

chicken pasta bake image

chicken pasta bake

3 star image

By Users Recipes

Using leftover chicken and vegetables makes this a cheap and easy dish to prepare

Chicken Pesto Pasta image

Chicken Pesto Pasta

4 star image

By Mustard Communications

The addition of pine nuts to this chicken salad makes it very tasty and nutty

Chicken Spaghetti Recipes image

Chicken Spaghetti Recipes

0 star image

By Yummy

The addition of garlic and olives makes this chicken spaghetti very tasty

Chicken Tagliatelle image

Chicken Tagliatelle

3 star image

By Team MyDish

Use Tagliatelli pasta instead of spaghetti for a change and the parsley, lemon juice and creme fraiche add a special flavour to the sauce

Easy pasta image

Easy pasta

0 star image

By MailOnline

Use bacon instead of minced beef for a quick pasta dish

Fresh Home Made Pasta image

Fresh Home Made Pasta

3 star image


Home made fresh pasta is made in leaves and rolled and cut as desired

macaroni cheese image

macaroni cheese

3 star image

By Cloverfamily

The addition of the pancetta and chillis, makes this a wonderful Sunday night light supper.

Mushrooms Pasta Bake image

Mushrooms Pasta Bake

3 star image

By Joanna T

This is offered as comfort food when you are really feeling low as it will buck you up a treat.

pasta bake image

pasta bake

4 star image

By Apoorva

Any type of pasta can be used for this Pasta bake and consists of layers of pasta alternating with sauce and cheese

Pasta Sauce image

Pasta Sauce

4 star image

By daijohn

Traditional Italian pasta sauce

Penne recipes image

Penne recipes

4 star image

By diva

Penne Broccoli is a variety of pasta with the vegetable of your choice

Pesto Pasta image

Pesto Pasta

3 star image

By Leo_T

This pesto pasta is the simplest recipe but tastes really good

Prawn Noodles image

Prawn Noodles

2 star image

By Prawn Lover

Prawn noodles has all the flavours of the Far east.

Prawn pasta  image

Prawn pasta

3 star image

By Adlenton

Chilli and Prawn spaghetti makes a change from the usual pasta recipe

ravioli image


0 star image

By Kitchen Kitty

Ravioli is usually boiled but this is fried and has quite a different flavour

Roasted Vegetable Pasta image

Roasted Vegetable Pasta

3 star image

By Nannie

The lemon and herb mixture give this roasted vegetable pasta a refreshing taste

salmon pasta image

salmon pasta

0 star image

By Vicky11

An unusual recipe, using salmon, cream cheese and peas and served with pasta, especially loved by children.

Seafood Lasagne image

Seafood Lasagne

3 star image

By Pasta Lover

This great seafood dish should work with white fish as well. Looks good on the plate and tastes delicious.

seafood pasta image

seafood pasta

0 star image

By grubdaily

This pasta dish is unusual in that the sauce is made from real tomatoes - not from a jar - which, with the white wine and garlic, gives it a refreshing taste.

Seafood Tagliatelle image

Seafood Tagliatelle

3 star image

By NigelBrown

Busy parents will love this recipe as it is easy and quick to make and the children love it.

Spaghetti Bolognese image

Spaghetti Bolognese

4 star image

By UglyT

The addition of pancetta and red wine give this Spaghetti Bolognese a distinct flavour

Spaghetti Carbonara image

Spaghetti Carbonara

4 star image

By grubdaily

Spaghetti Carbonara has eggs in it which gives it the genuine Italian flavour

Spaghetti Sauce image

Spaghetti Sauce

4 star image

By esther swerling

Cooking the potatoes and the spaghetti together enhances the flavour and the pesto finishes it off

Spicy pasta image

Spicy pasta

3 star image

By flowerhorsepower

This spicy pasta is a "do it yourself" recipe and anything goes.

Spinach Lasagne image

Spinach Lasagne

0 star image

By St Helen's Farm

Ever wanted to make Lasagne? Well, here's how to do it, using goat's milk to give a unique flavour.

Tagliatelle image


5 star image

By NikkiLovegrove

Home made tagliatelle is better but can you can use shop bought then throw everything in.

Tomato Spaghetti image

Tomato Spaghetti

3 star image

By Claire

Tuna pasta image

Tuna pasta

0 star image

By strawberryblush

The red pesto in this recipe gives the tuna a lovely look and children will really enjoy their afternoon tea with this unusual pasta.

Tuna Pasta Bake image

Tuna Pasta Bake

4 star image

By Robert Kro

Sweetcorn works very well with tuna because of the mix of colours and is always a favourite with children

Vegetable Lasagne image

Vegetable Lasagne

3 star image

By Smiler Family

Making children eat vegetables is often a chore but they are nicely hidden in this recipe which your kids will love.

Vegetable Pasta image

Vegetable Pasta

3 star image

By Joanna T

This is offered as comfort food when you are really feeling low as it will buck you up a treat.

Vegetable Tagliatelle image

Vegetable Tagliatelle

0 star image

By adamspencer

Crispy bacon enhances the flavour of this rich and creamy dish

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