Balmoral Chicken (chicken Stuffed with Haggis)

I make this because myself and my husband love haggis


Place the chicken breasts on a board and with a sharp knife, slice along the length to make a pocket in each.
Form two long sausages of haggis and tuck these inside the chicken breasts, then cover with the flap of meat. Wrap each chicken breasts in 3 rashers of bacon, covering as much of the chicken as possible. Brush with melted butter and season.

Wrap in tin foil and bake in the oven at 200C for 30 mins. After 20 mins open the tin foil parcel so the bacon can go crispy.

Nice served with Sauteed potatoes and Creamed Spinach.

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Sounds really good can't wait to try, and maybe a little dried and powdered tarragon rubbed inside would make the haggis even better. Thanks
I think mix a tot of malt whisky with he haggis and notice the difference,john watson
Love, definitely recommend...serve with a whisky sauce
Very nice although can be served with a Drambuie and double cream sauce.An alternative method is to flatten out the chicken and fill with haggis roll in cling film closing ether end and then place in a dish with water in the oven and poach chicken - no bacon ! then remove and slice presents very nicely server with Drambuie and cream sauce With both receipts remember to use uncooked haggis
Could you send me this recipe as this is how I used to make it but can't find my recipe for timing etc. Thanks
Hi Jodi you can download a pdf - (it comes up after about a min) or just email recipe to yourself or print it off using icons under ingredients - happy cooking!
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