Butter Icing

This is what I use for all my kids birthday cakes and fairy cakes


This is SO easy to make. Sift icing sugar and add butter and milk and essence and blend - see I told you it was easy


Milk 2 tblsp
Butter 3oz
Icing Sugar 8oz
Vanilla Essence few drops

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This was great, i substituted 30g of the sugar and added cocoa powder to make it chocolate, it wass yummy!!
Hi Fayezee

I'm glad you liked it - check out my mums hot buttter milk sponge http://www.mydish.co.uk/recipe/61
you can put chocolate powder in the sponge too!
I iced my husbands birthday cake with this - (Myrna's birthday cake recipe) and it was a real success - but I only had to use one and a bit tablespoons of milk to get the right consistency. Really tasty!!!!!!

Tried this twice now, very quick and easy. The milk really makes a difference. Thanks.
Glad you liked it!!!
its so lovely.. best i've tryed so far!
Do you melt the butter before putting it in?
I'm guessing this makes enough icing for a 7 inch cake?
Actually it depends if you want to put the icing in the middle - I tend to use double but it is a good base recipe because you can just adjust the quantities to suit your tastes but keep the ratios the same - good luck x
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