Christmas Cake

This is a lovely cake to be served with your Christmas dinner


Beat the butter and sugar to a cream, add each egg separately until the mixture is stiff and uniform. Stir in the sifted flour, the salt, the chopped almonds, the spices, the treacle and the brandy. Mix well, then transfer to a tin well lined with greased paper and bake for 6hrs 20m mins with regulo at Mark 1. Tie a peice of brown paper round the outside of the tin while cooking. Keep 4 2-3 weeks at least before cutting . Cover with almond paste and, when set, add Royal Icing. After that you can decorate.

For the Almond Paste

This makes about 2&1/4 lbs of paste, sufficent 4 covering a cake weighing 3-3&1/2 lbs. Crush any lumps in the icing sugarand pass itn through a very fine sieve. Mix together the sugars and almonds. Beat the eggs. Mix all the ingredients together, adding the egg gradually, working first with a wooden spoon, and then with your hands. Brush the cake with a thin layer of jelly, or seedless jam, before covering it with the almond paste. Leave to set and then cover with Royal Icing


For The Almond Paste
Almond Essence ½ teaspoonful
Eggs 3
Ground Almonds 10 ozs
Icing Sugar 1lb
Castor Sugar 4ozs
Almond Paste
Brandy 1 glass
Mixed Spices ½ teaspoonful
Dark Treacle 2 tablespoons
Chopped Almonds ¼ lb
Cherries 2 ozs
Brown Sugar (must Be Demarara) ¾ lb
Candied Peel 6 ozs
Currants 1lb
Raisins ¼ lb
Sultanas 1lb
Salt Pinch
Butter ¾ lb
Eggs 6
Self Raising Flour 1lb

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wow how did u make it looks fabulus going to make it soon cant wait
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