BBQ'ed Roast Beef


Preheat the oven to Gas 4-5 180C 350F

Weigh the beef joint and calculate the cooking time :

20 minutes per 450g (1/2kg) Plus add 20 minutes cooking – For Rare Beef

25 minutes per 450g (1/2kg) Plus add 25 minutes cooking – For Medium Beef

30 minutes per 450g (1/2kg) Plus add 30 minutes cooking – For Well Done Beef

Take the celeriac and roughly peel to remove any knobbly bits. Cut into thin slices. Place into a large

roasting tin in a single layer.

Place the beef joint directly onto the oven wire shelf or on a large wire rack and position the tray of

celeriac under the joint to catch any dripping juices.

Roast for the calculated cooking time – turning and moving the veg around so that it bastes and browns in the juices – Baste the joint too.

If roasting the beef as per the video, the cooking time will depend on the heat of the BBQ.

The best way to test how much the meat is cooked is by its resting temperature;
Rare: Temperature after resting in a warm place: 55–60°C
Medium rare: Temperature after resting in a warm place: 61–65°C
Medium: Temperature after resting in a warm place: 66–70°C
Well done: Temperature after resting in a warm place: 71–75°C

To make the Yorkshire Puddings:

Preheat the oven to Gas 6 200C 400F

Into a large bowl or mixer place the eggs, milk and salt and whisk together. Give this mixture a short rest before adding the flour.

Add the flour a little at a time until you create a batter the consistency of double cream.

Heat the Yorkshire pudding tins or dishes in the oven until really hot. Carefully remove and add a small spoonful of fat to the tins/dishes (the fat should melt immediately) followed by the batter – fill about ½ to ¾ of the way up the tins/dishes and return quickly back to the oven for around 30

minutes or until light, fluffy and beautifully golden.

Allow the beef to rest in a warm place covered with foil for 20-30 minutes before cutting.

Place the watercress and leaves on a large serving board – drizzle with cooking juices from the meat

– add the celeriac slices followed by the beef joint. Scatter with crisps and serve with Yorkshire

puddings – That’s Proper Roast Beef!!!

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