Bulgur salad with fresh vegetables

Bulgur salad with a delicious combination of green vegetables, edemame beans and green peas with a hint of chilli and lime


1. Start with boiling water in the pan for bulgur & quinoa, cook the grains for approx. 15 min. Drain when cooked and set aside to cool.
2. In the separate pan boil water for edemame beans and green peas, cook for approx. 5 min. Drain the ingredients in the cold water and set aside.
3. Now cook samphire for 3-5 min, drain once cooked and cool in the cold water, set aside.
4. Peel skin from the carrot and grate into big bowl.
5. Cut raw broccoli into small slices, chop spring onions, chilli, parsley and add ingredients into the bowl.
6. Add the remaining ingredients; bulgur, quinoa, edemame, green peas and samphire to the mixing bowl. Use big spoon to mix all ingredients and squeeze lime juice.
7. Serve the salad on the plate and enjoy with a glass of fresh green juice or naturally favoured water. In hot days I like cucumber and mint water which will go well with this dish.


Bulgur 50
Black 50
Small 1
Edemame 50
Green 50
40g Samphire
Raw 40
Spring 1
Fresh 2 tbsp
Small Fresh 1
1 Lime

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