Gram Dal Bhajia

Tasty starter made from Gram Dal.


1) Put the Gram dal (Chana dal-Lentils) in bowl full of water and keep aside for atleast 12 hrs.

2) Drain the water and Grind the Gram dal along with turmeric/Ginger paste and salt(Dont make very fine paste).

3)Cut Co-orainder and green chillies finely and add it to the paste.

4) Heat the oil in a deep pan,add the dollops of the paste into the oil.

5) Cook for 3-5 mins.

Serve with Ketchup or Co-orainder chutney!!

All the best!


Gram Dal (Chana Dal) 300 grams
Turmeric ½ tbs
Green Chillies 3-4
Cooking Oil 500 ml
Ginger Paste ½ tbs
Co-orainder Leaves ½ bunch
Salt 1tsp

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