Carbonara Pasta

this is a recipe i like to cook for me and dil as a romantic meal with some nice white wine which is best served with pasta.


1. In a large pan bring to boil water with salt and add pasta and cook for 12mins.
2. In a seperate pan add 2bsp of oil, dice up the onion and finely chop the chillie. and add to the pan.
3. cook until onions and chillies are soft, at this point add the bacon bits to the pan. cook until bacon bits are golden brown in colour.
4.Next put a kitchen towel on a plate and put the bacon mix onto the towel to allow the oil to drain out.
5. once the pasta is cook drain into a collinder and put back into the pan, then add the bacon mix to the pan. cook for about 2-3 mins.
6. the next stage is to add the source to the pasta and cook for 20 mins.
7. halfd way through the cooking time add the cheese. you can use as much cheese as you like.

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I added an egg to this recipe and it was delicious!
Is that picture carbonara?
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