Almond Slice

Taken from mothers recipe book from about 1958 always a firm favourite with the family


Rub fats into flour to resemble breadcrumbs,add enough cold water to bind together and form dough , leave to rest in fridge 1/2 hour. Line 7x11 baking tin with pastry, spread with apricot jam. To make filling mix together ground almonds,castor sugar,desicated coconut,ground rice and eggwhites heat gently together,I do this in microwave,then spread ontop of jam sprinkle the flaked almonds on top and bake in oven for approx 40 mns Oven temp.200


Shortcrust Pastry

Flaked Almonds 2 ozs
Ground Almonds 2 ozs
Plain Flour Sieved 8 ozs
Margarine 3ozs
White Fat 3 ozs
Castor Sugar 8 ozs
Desicated Coconut 2 ozs
Ground Rice ½ oz
Egg Whites 3
Apricot Jam 2 tablespoons

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