Budget Herby Pasta

I made this specially for the Bristol Evening Post when they came to interview me for this site. I wanted something quick, cheap and visually stunning and this was it!


1. Roughly chop spinach and herbs and place in a high-sided bowl

2. Add egg yolks & seasoning

3. Blend with a blending stick, do it for quite a while if you don't want big green flecks in your pasta (I do!)

4. Add flour a little at a time and combine until you have a nice loose dough.

5. When you have a dough, roll it out into a long rectangle, you don't have to be too careful. Now comes the time to use a pasta maker, no problem if you don't have one, use a rolling pin, or even an empty wine bottle (I know I always have one of those around!)... it just takes a little longer that way. Start off on the widest setting and put it through, fold the new rectangle and go through a few more times until you have a nice long-ish sheet. If it's too long at any point, no prob, just cut it in half. Go one setting thinner on the machine and put it through again, then down again etc.. until it's the right thickness. I like mine quite thick or then again maybe I'm just lazy.

6. Once you have a sheet of pasta you can cut it into lasagne strips and use or freeze between sheets of baking paper or make something else. A popular pasta at the moment is pappardelle which is like linguine or tagliatelle, only wider. Place your pasta sheet horizontally and cover it in a fairly thick coating of flour, fold the left side over to meet the right. Cover this in more flour and fold left to right again, the flour's to stop it sticking when you cut it. Repeat until you have what looks like a thin Swiss-roll (4 or 5 times depending on how long it is), then take a large non-serrated knife. Cut the pasta in slices through the cross section, they should be about as thick as a thumb. Then shake out your pappardelle vigorously enough to get rid of most of the flour but not enough to break them too much.

7. Here's your pasta ready to cook for a couple of minutes in a large pan of boiling salty water, or dry in an airing cupboard. Serve with a sauce like bolognese or just some green pesto or even a drizzle of olive oil, parmasan and some chopped herbs. Scrummy!

Hints 'n' Tips

See tips on my Rainbow Pappardelle recipe!


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