Sea Bass with A Sweet Chilli Emulsion and Samphire Grass

Amazing words cant describe the emotions this dish fills me with.


For the sauce, finely dice the shallots, garlic and red chilli cook on a low heat for 10 minutes ,turn up the heat to full power add fish stock and reduce by half,add the sweet chilli sauce and cream, reduce again back to the texture of double cream, meanwhile cook your potato's in boiling salted water, when cooked scoop out the potato's and keep the boiling water for the samphire.
season the sea bass with sea salt ansd black pepper in a hot pan fry your sea bass skin side down until the flesh turns opaque turn off the heatt and flip the fish to it's flesh side the residual heat of the pan should finish off the cooking.
Cook the samphire in the boiling water fo about a minute mix with the potato's glaze with butter, now add the well chilled diced butter to the sauce and the tomato, basil , chives and spring onion now simply assemble the dish.

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