Chocolate Crispies

The easiest and yummiest - this recipe is so easy and the kids love it. I always make this for the childeren's birthday parties.


1. Put the butter, syrup, drinking choc powder and the sugar in a double saucepan (or in the microwavefor 30 seconds) and melt.

2. Mix together into a treacally paste

3. Add rice crispies to the consistency you want

4. Put into little cake cases and put in the fridge for half an hour - enjoy


Rice Crispies Handfuls
Drinking Chocolate Powder 1 Tbsp
Golden Syrup 1 Tbsp
Butter 1 Oz
Caster Sugar 1 Tablespoon

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Carol - your chocolate crispies are absolutely delicious! Of course - my Adam had to lick the bowl - just like we used to do! Lots of memories in this recipe!
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