The Best Spring Rolls Ever!!


Take your spring roll wrappers from the freezer and leave to the side to slowly defrost.

To marinade the pork:
Add 4tsp light soy sauce, 4 level tsp cornflour,1/4tsp sugar, 1/4tsp cooking oil, few drops sesame oil.
Chop the gammon ham into small pieces. Wash the beansprouts and finely chop garlic. Chop chicken into small pieces.

In a bowl mix together 1 tblsp cornflour with 2tbsp cold water.

Add a tsp veg oil to a hot wok.
Add the marinaded minced pork and do not touch for approx 1min. Turn the pork over for 1min.
Add the garlic and beansprouts and stir well.
Add a pinch of salt and keep stir frying for 1-2mins.
Turn the heat to low.
Add heaped 1tsp chicken stock powder and then add the mixed cornflour and mix well.
Remove the mince to a plate and leave for approx 10mins to cool.

Again, now mix together 1tbsp cornflour with 1tbsp of cold water in a bowl.

Keep the spring roll wrappers covered by a teatowel to keep them moist.
Take a spring roll wrapper and lay it out onto a clean work surface in a diamond shape.
Add 2 small tsp of the cooked mince.
Few prawns and some gammon and chicken. Put this all in a line by the edge closest to you.
Take the end of the wrapper closest to you and start rolling, when u reach the middle of the wrap, fold in the two sides and continue to roll.
Add a touch of the mixed cornflour to the end to seal the spring roll. Set aside and continue to make the remaining spring rolls.

Heat the wok and add the cooking oil to the wok, approx a third full.
To test if the oil is ready, dip a tiny corner of a spring roll into the oil and if it just starts to bubble then the oil is ready. The oil should not be too hot nor too cold.
Deep fry approx 5 spring rolls at a time for approx 5/8mins, or until lightly golden brown.

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I was taught how to make these spring rolls from my chinese cookery class!They are truly the best ever!One tip i have is that i add a tsp of five spice powder to my chicken breast and this gives the spring rolls even more flavour!!!I make them now in batches of 80 and freeze them! Cook them from frozen in the wok in mins!!!!
Has anyone tried these yet?? U must try and you will never look back!!!
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