Celery Gruyere and Almond Bake


This is great. Chop the celery into chunks of about 2cm and cook in stock for about 15 minutes, then drain and ditch the stock. Mix up the eggs, add the milk and ground almonds and cheese and stir, then add the cooked celery and don't forget to add the mustard powder, paprika and enough breadcrumbs to stiffen the mix a bit. Put the mix into a buttered, oven proof dish, place that into a roasting tin full of water (ie. bain marie) and cook at about gas mark 6, about 180C until brown on top.


Large Head Celery 1
Eggs 3
Milk 450 ml
Ground Almonds 50g
Gruyere 175g
Flaked Almonds 25g
Mustard Powder To taste
Paprika To taste

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