Quick Oven Cooked Potatoes

I like this side dish with pork chops and curly cale but it's pretty versatile. It's for when you want spuds, but not boring spuds. And don't have time to roast potatoes.


Turn on the oven and warm it up. Pretty hot. 200 degress or so.

Chop up your spuds into cubes. Roughly the size of an oxo cube. (You'll want to wash the potatoes first). Chop up as many as you need.

Put the potato cubes in a metal baking dish. High sides are better than flat ones: you'll need to shake the spuds around a bit while they're cooking.

Drizzle a great glug of olive oil over the cubes: don't be shy. Also sprinkle the herbs, chilli flakes, salt and pepper and shake the tabasco over: the amount depends on your taste. Jiggle the dish to ensure the cubes are covered.

Put in the oven. They should cook pretty quickly. Jiggle the dish a few times to ensure they don't stick and serve up with all manner of main courses.


Pepper A grind
Olive Oil A decent Splurge
Tabasco Sauce A genereous glug
Chilli Flakes A good sprinkle
Potatoes As much as you want
Salt A bit of a sprinkle
Mixed Herbs A few shakes

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These sound really delicious! Have you ever tried adding some fennel seeds? I think I'll try these tonight. Thanks.
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