Kids Tuna Scramble Pasta

This recipe is a huge hit with my kids (age 1 & 4). It came from an almost empty fridge with some leftovers & it's now a firm favourite! A great way to get in protein & oily fish!


In a large pan of boiling water cook the linguine and peas and sweetcorn (I use frozen) according to the instructions (normally around 3 minutes).

Drain the pasta and vegetable mixture then return to a medium heat and add the beaten egg and milk mixing over the heat for around a minute until the eggs are cooked.

Add the tuna and a tablespoon of Philadelphia cheese and melt it
Season to taste (for the kids I just add a little pepper, no salt)and serve.


Egg Beaten 1
Peas And Sweetcorn 2 handfuls
Tin Of Tuna ½
Linguine (or Spaghetti / Taglietelle) 2 kids sized portions
Milk 30ml
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 1 tablespoon

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